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The Statics of Structures - Theory of Structural Analysis

Authors Prof. Dr. Milan Đurić , dipl.građ.Inž and Olga Đurić – Perić MSc, dipl.građ.inž. New edition of text book released for students at Civil and Structural Engineering Faculty. This book is still an essential part of the course even 50 years after its first edition, indicating how its principles have stood the test of time.


Celebrating Easter in Song

Our Structural and Environmental Engineer, Milena Perić, helped us to celebrate Easter in song as part of the prestigious choir Beogradski Madrigalisti, who along with several choirs from all over Serbia rejoiced in harmony at the “Deseti Vaskrešnji Koncert Horova” held in the Crypt of the Sveti Sava Temple.

Asmec on Belgrade Business Run 2018

Asmec will participate on Belgrade Business Run 2018, which will be held on Thursday, June 14th 2018, with three teams. Can we challenge you both in running and cheering?


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